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Installation Process:

A Mineral Spa only takes a few days to install and there are two options;
  • Standard Installation
  • The Craning Process

In most instances, the standard installation is all that is required. We need a minimum 45 inch opening in your gate or fence to get our mini excavator and skid steer into the yard to remove soil and to bring the spa shell into the yard. A 15 yard bin, at the front of your driveway, is filled with soil and removed same day. We use special track mats down along the side of your house to prevent damage to existing landscaping.



In a few instances, the standard installation process can’t be used; Perhaps the access route is too small. Too much existing landscaping to allow access without damage. No permission from a neighbour to access their property. In the fore mentioned scenarios, our craning process is the solution. We will set up a crane to lift the excavator over the fence, in between the houses or entirely over the house. We next lower bins into the backyard, with the crane to collect the dirt and hoist it back over the house into a disposal bin in the front of the house. This process takes less than an hour and the crane next lifts the Mineral Spa shell over the house into the excavated hole to complete the install. There is a surcharge for the craning process but in some circumstances; the only option to create your oasis.


Crane Process

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Mineral Spa Components


Energy saving Gecko  electric  220 volt  Spa  pack

PUMP One   4HP Pump

4 KW

CONTROL Multifunction remote control
SEATING All around bench seating
CAPACITY 8-10 people
INSULATION Urethane 5lb closed cell
COVER Hard top Bi Folding

Natural armour stone or block wall

DIMENSIONS 8”x10” Square or Kidney
JETS 8, 11 or more customized option
DRAIN Bottom drains/Skimmer
COLOUR Beige / charcoal
WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM Natural Mineralization: Silver, Copper, Zinc  Ions
DECK SURROUND 2ft Interlocking stone with bull nose coping

Additional decking and armour stone available

Without Waterfall $16,500
With Waterfalls $18,200

Prices subject to change without notice




Genieye Mineralizer

mineral spaSanitation in the spa industry has always taken precedence due to the severity of the consequences of unsanitary spa units. Infections can arise from unsanitary spa units, and cause fatal health conditions for the user. Unfortunately, everyday there are more antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. The medical industry has relied on silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial agents from surgery to dentistry. This nanotechnology is defined as particles smaller than 100nm, which greatly reduces the quantity used while greatly increases its efficacy. These nanoparticles of minerals work together to reduce the activity of virus, fungi, and bacteria by DNA disruption and cellular membrane penetration.


Technological Foundations

Pure natural mineral (Copper, Silver, Zinc) nanoparticles
Production of oxygen

  • Fully sealed electronics and plugs directly into any power source (110-220v, 50/60Hz)
  • Electronically generated nanoparticles have antimicrobial mechanisms, which cleans the spa as it is operating. This creates a clean spa environment for the user
  • Oxygen production is coupled with mineral addition and works with the bubbles to increase dissolved oxygen levels which produces better quality water
  • Mineral infused water and increased dissolved oxygen is beneficial to the skin
  • Reduces the use of harsh chemicals by reducing the activities of germs. This also increases the life of the spa components by reducing chemical wear and tear, and reducing bacterial slim buildup
  • LEDs Indicate mineral production level, and mineral bar life
  • Long mineral bar life

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About Mineral Spas

A mineral spa will enhance the look of your property while providing hours of unparalleled relaxation. The need to compromise between creating a water garden and installing a spa is over.

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