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mineral spaA Mineral Spa combines the beauty, elegance and tranquility of a water garden with the health benefits of natural mineral water and hydrotherapy. Built to be both durable and visually appealing, they are a perfect complement to any backyard decor. A mineral spa will enhance the look of your property while providing hours of unparalleled relaxation. The need to compromise between creating a water garden and installing a spa is over.
They are constructed and designed to be used all year round. You can use your mineral spa in the summer to cool down during a scorching hot day buy adjusting the temperature down to 80, 85 or 90 degrees F or adjust up to 104 degrees F for a deep muscle soothing hot spring experience.
Mineral spas can be installed in the ground, partially out of the ground, or in a deck.
The shell comes in two shapes, both 8 ft x10 ft x 36’’ deep in a kidney or rectangle, according to your preference. In some cases, a pool is too big for a smaller backyard and an aboveground hot tub is too small or just appears unnatural or ordinary.
The concept allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds with just one product. Give yourself over to the oasis of your dreams and the benefits of mineralized water and hydrotherapy right in your backyard.
The insulated in ground shell comes equipped with a spa cover for greater energy efficiency than an above ground hot tub. Traditional above ground hot tubs have to contend with excessive wind chill which costs much more electricity to retain heat compared to an in ground Mineral spa that is sheltered from the elements.
There are two options to heat the Mineral Spa; electricity or gas. The electric spa heater comes standard. It utilizes a 220 volt, 5 kw spa pac, which is typically used to heat a traditional hot tub.
The second heating option utilizes an upgraded 250,000 btu gas heater which allows you to heat the spa faster from a lower temperature such as 80 degrees F to 104 degrees F, within 15 minutes. mineral spa
The equipment is typically installed above ground and enclosed within 20 ft of the spa, out of sight, in stealth quietness.
The water is sanitized without the use of chemicals; bromine and chlorine or salt chlorine generator systems. The mineral spa utilizes ionization; A NASA PATENTED TECHNOLOGY that sanitises the water with the natural elements of silver, copper and zinc for safe, bacteria free, crystal clear sparkling water. With mineral ionization, you also never need to drain your water like you are required to every three months when using salt/ chlorine or bromine methods. Mineral ionization also requires far less maintenance and your PH is balanced more efficiently year round.
Mineral Spas can be installed with or without a waterfalls. The waterfall can be natural rock armor stone or designed with linear blocks with water cascades and deck jets.
Our team of designers can assist with any vision and our installers can install your mineral spa within 2 to 3 days so you can begin enjoying romantic moments or bonding times with family and friends.
Enjoy the comfort and warmth of a powerful year-round spa and the beauty of an inviting water garden in the comfort of your own backyard. With the Mineral Spa, you can enjoy a unique multi-sensuous experience every single day. Sit back and relax to swirling jets, the soothing hum of a waterfall and the enthralling natural decor that surrounds you.


The spa is a great place to relax with family and friends. It provides a neutral, relaxing and pleasurable environment, stimulating emotional communication and promoting a healthy and balanced life for you and those closest to you. The combined effects of heat, weightlessness and massage create the ultimate feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. Hot water raises the temperature of your body and your blood vessels dilate, improving blood circulation and relaxing the pressure on your muscles and joints. This allows you to unwind and find serenity and emotional balance. The jets massage your joints and muscles, allowing accelerated recovery after exercise. In addition, the calming effect of the light and the soothing sounds of a waterfall help you to glide gently towards total relaxation.

The Mineral Spa acts on the whole body and can have curative effects for people of any age—we call it a soft natural remedy.
The combined effect of weightlessness, immersion in hot mineral ion water and massage jets contributes to :

  • Increased circulation through dilation of blood vessels;
  • Relaxation of muscle fibres for full body relaxation;
  • Increased oxygen supply and expulsion of toxins;
  • Mental relaxation and improved concentration;
  • Relief from migraines and chronic pain caused by stress;
  • Relief from tension, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep;
  • Relief of pressure on joints and muscles;
  • Reduction of swelling in joints and improved mobility;
  • Higher production of endorphins, a hormonal painkiller;
  • Lower consumption of certain medications;
  • Zinc ions in the water revitalizes & moisturizes skin, leaving it silky soft.
  • Fun for couples, families and friends
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About Mineral Spas

A mineral spa will enhance the look of your property while providing hours of unparalleled relaxation. The need to compromise between creating a water garden and installing a spa is over.

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